Growth and development coming to downtown Kingsport with new housing


KINGSPORT, Tenn. – The location just across the street from the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce on the corner of Clinchfield and West Sullivan, has been home to several businesses throughout the years. First, the Oakwood grocery store, then the IGA building until it burned down in May. It’ll soon be home to the Town Park Loft, offering 263 new luxury units. With an urban design, the building will consist of one and two bedroom units in the upper levels, and 8,000 square feet of retail space on the street level.

"We’ve got first class amenities, resort style pool, really comfortable accommodations," says developer Randy Moore of Crossgate Partners.

Kingsport Mayor John Clark says there’s been a major push in Kingsport to increase housing and draw more people to live and shop downtown.

"This will appeal to many young professionals and our seniors who are interested in a very vibrant downtown setting," Mayor Clark says.

Right now there are about 100 people living downtown; this space could quadruple that number, and Mayor Clark says that’s the key to boosting local economy.

"You really can’t have a robust downtown without more people living here, and so this is a great testament of that reality that we really want more people living in our city, and this great apartment complex will help us get there," Mayor Clark says.

Local businesses are looking forward to the increased foot traffic.

"That could be easily 400 people that are within walking distance of our restaurant, of our facility, and downtown, not just us, but everybody down here," says general manager of Macado’s Kingsport Joshua Chrisley.

In just 18-months, Town Park Loft will be one of the newest additions to downtown Kingsport, promoting more growth and development.

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